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Transport safety device

First you drag the gas cylinders, which are sometimes very heavy, from the dealer to the car. Once there, there is no suitable place to stow them safely while driving. They bounce back and forth in the boot, and jammed behind the seat, they soil or damage it.

The transport safety device BASE or TROLLEY provides a solution for all situations described. We have summarised the most important facts in the product information.

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Filter cartridge 2.0 for Caramatic ConnectClean gas filters

Cost-efficient, sustainable, effective and easy to replace – that’s the newly developed filter cartridge 2.0 from GOK for the Caramatic ConnectClean gas filter. The filter cartridge consists of a supporting core and filter element. The special feature: Only the glass microfibre filter element needs to be replaced when it gets dirty.

This saves money and resources without sacrificing performance, as the filter still has 99.9 percent efficiency and reliably protects the system from oil contamination and dirt particles.

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Caramatic BasicControl

Having installed the GOK two-cylinder system Caramatic BasicTwo, you keep asking yourself: Which gas cylinder am I currently taking gas from? Am I already on reserve?

Depending on the installation position in the bottle locker, the answer to the question can be quite extensive. The solution is the remote display Caramatic BasicControl, because campers inside the vehicle can conveniently see which of the two bottles they are currently taking from. The sometimes inconvenient walk to the bottle locker is no longer necessary.

Our video shows the set-up and function of the two-cylinder system Caramatic BasicTwo in combination with the remote display Caramatic BasicControl.


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Electronic regulator test device Regulator Check LPG PRO

Fully automatic control of flow and closing pressure of the low pressure regulator and data transfer via USB interface – this and much more provides the new electronic regulator test device Regulator Check LPG PRO.

Give your customers the confidence in operating the LPG system of their leisure vehicle. It takes just a few simple steps for inspectors and campers to find out if the system is working properly or not.

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Senso4s PLUS level gauge for gas cylinders

Filling level measurement, low level warning, history statistics and consumption forecast -
Senso4s offers this and more. The system consists of a flexibly adjustable filling level gauge and an associated app.

Where can you use Senso4s PLUS? Basically everywhere where a propane gas cylinder is used for the supply of energy - for example for gas barbecues, gas heaters as well as in motor caravans and caravans.

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Caramatic TwoControl – Remote display and regulator heating

Conveniently monitor and control the two-cylinder system in the gas locker from inside the motorhome or caravan? The Caramatic TwoControl from GOK makes it possible.

Campers can use the remote display to monitor and control the operating status of the two-cylinder system as well as the regulator heating. Result: a high degree of comfort and reliable supply.

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Pressure regulator test device – Regulator Check LPG BASIC

You can quickly and easily test pressure regulators for leaks and function with the pressure regulator test device. Just a few steps and the camper knows about the safety and proper functioning of his pressure regulator.

Discover all advantages in the product news.