Picture price list 2024

Attention, important information:

The list prices 2024 are valid for deliveries as of 1st January 2024! From this date previous list prices become invalid. During the validity period of the list prices 2024 we reserve the right to invoice a possible surcharge, irrespective of catalogue validity, model lifetimes and similar.

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LPG installations 2024

Irrespective of whether you have an LPG tank or operate a cylinder system, for household or commercial use, or whether you use LPG, for example, for propellant gas systems as well as for warming, burning and soldering, you will certainly find the suitable products in this picture price list.

GOK offers a wide range of components used between the gas cylinder or tank and the consumer equipment. We clearly describe the products in terms of equipment and function, show application examples and provide further service elements as illustrations in the picture price list.

In addition, a large number of new products, such as Low pressure regulator and Big cylinder systems or the Plug connections ISIFLO SPRINT, expand the product programme.

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LPG in leisure time 2024

Caravanning, BBQ, camping and marine - this picture price list is all about products that provide safe and comfortable operation of LPG systems in leisure time.

Anyone interested will find a broad selection of high-quality products including sophisticated gas pressure regulation systems with integrated safety devices, gas hoses and valves as well as smart remote indicators and level gauges.

In addition, a large number of new products, such as Toggle valva type KSV or the Quick coupler type SKU-QR for the quick connection of hose assemblies to gas equipment, expand the product programme.

Special focus is given to the Caramatic series which provides the perfect solution for the LPG supply in every application for motor caravans or caravans.

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Oil firing installations 2024

4.5 million - that is the number of fuel oil systems that still exist in Germany. And all of them need components installed between the oil tank and the burner to ensure safe operation of the system.

You will find suitable products in our picture price list for oil firing installations. In addition to typical applications in fuel oil consumer installations, we also show products for installations for the handling and use of substances hazardous to water.

Apart from the products themselves and their prices, you will find a lot of important information which will help you to make your choice.