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LPG in leisure time

Caravanning, BBQ, camping and marine - this catalogue is all about products that provide safe and comfortable operation of LPG systems in leisure time.

Anyone interested will find a broad selection of high-quality products including sophisticated gas pressure regulation systems with integrated safety devices, gas hoses and valves as well as smart remote indicators and level gauges.

Special focus is given to the Caramatic series which provides the perfect solution for the LPG supply in every application for motor caravans or caravans.

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LPG installations for the Polish market

Components, solutions and systems for LPG installations are adapted to the circumstances in Poland and clearly illustrated in this catalogue. A multitude of application descriptions and sample applications makes the product selection easier. You will find a useful service part on the last pages of the catalogue.

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Tank Management - SmartBox

The logistics and safety requirements surrounding modern tank management are becoming increasingly demanding. In this catalogue, we have provided a listing of all of the products that are available for the fields of level indication, overfill prevention and leakage monitoring.

We have also included lots of additional helpful tips, application examples and function descriptions at appropriate places in the catalogue to support you with your choice of product.

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Catalogue LPG for the Russian-speaking market

The catalogue for LPG installations in Russian language contains all components that fulfill the requirements for a save installation of LPG tanks, tank constructions and bottle systems.

The products fulfill  the technical regulations of the application areas and can be used in following countries: Russia*, Kazakhstan, Belarus*, Ukraine, etc.

*Due to the ongoing sanctions, GOK does not deliver to Russia and Belarus.

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Liquid media for the Polish market

Content measurement, overfill prevention, leakage monitoring, connecting technology for liquid media - the suitable products for these fields, among others, can be found in this catalogue.

Beside products designed for the safe monitoring of, for example, heating oil, diesel, water, AdBlue or lubricants, we provide many other helpful information, application examples and functional descriptions in appropriate sections to support your selection of products.