Installation instructions

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Compression fittings

The assembly instructions apply for all GOK compression fittings which meet the requirements of EN ISO 8434-1 and DIN 2353. The assembly of the compression fitting is described step by step in drawings.

The assembly instructions show the direct assembly as well as the pre-assembly in the VOMO preassembly tool socket with final assembly in the screw socket. Different materials for pipe and compression fitting - steel, copper or stainless steel - are also taken into account.

Hereby, the requirements on reliable assembly instructions are met according to the German DIN 3859-2 and DIN 3387-1.

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Universal connectors type UA PS 16 bar

The universal connectors type UA correspond to a clamp connection of version G according to prEN 12514-4:2009 annex D. They are designed to connect a GOK fitting in oil firing installations with copper pipe diameter 6, 8 or 10 mm.

The assembly of the universal connectors is described step by step in drawings as a safe clamping ring connection.

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Viega Profipress G

User information for installing the piping system.

Description of the product and function as well as instructions for a proper installation.

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