Mit der Überfüllsicherung BC-2 stellt GOK eine Neuentwicklung fürs Tankmanagement vor.
Heating while driving, gas level monitoring, smart remote indication: Visitors to CMT can find out more about innovations for LPG at the GOK stand.
After two years of development, GOK presents own enhanced crash sensor with new improved operating principle.
Trade fair preview Caravan Salon, 28th August - 5th September 2021, Düsseldorf, Hall 14 - Stand B42
The family-owned company GOK from Marktbreit donates a total of Euro 10,000 to charity.
Reliable gas supply with multiple cylinder systems
New automatic changeover valve
With GOK on the safe side
GOK Caramatic line: Comfortable gas supply in caravans.
GOK shows Caramatic line at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf - 30th August - 8th September 2019; Hall 13 Stand E31
GOK launches several new products at Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf - 30th August – 8th September 2019 - Hall 13 – Stand E 31

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