New: Caramatic SafeDrive - Pressure regulation system with a crash sensor for leisure vehicles

The basic functioning of the new Caramatic SafeDrive corresponds to comparable models with a crash sensor. Specifically: it ensures the correct gas pressure on the consumer equipment in the leisure vehicle. Its integrated crash sensor enables connected LPG systems to be supplied while driving – and the gas cylinder can remain open at all times. 

Thanks to its compact design and installation directly on the cylinder, however, the new system technology also has a number of other advantages: 

Straightforward installation and retrofitting
Although Caramatic SafeDrive has a new design, its basic configuration is based on the tried-and-tested principle of the pressure regulation system directly on the gas cylinder. This makes the retrofitting and installation very straightforward – and it can be carried out by the user. Every standard system on the market can be converted to SafeDrive both easily and on a cost-effective basis. 

Gas system can remain open at all times
Thanks to the patented crash sensor, the cylinder does not need to be closed before the journey begins. In this way, gas equipment such as the heater or refrigerator can also be operated while driving. 

Gas filter and excess flow device not necessary
As the system is situated directly on the gas cylinder, the previously obligatory gas filters and excess flow devices are no longer necessary. This not only saves costs, but also weight and space in the gas cylinder case and makes the installation much more flexible. The position of the crash sensor directly on the cylinder protects the entire pipe system. 

Space-saving and straightforward
Due to its compact design, Caramatic SafeDrive fits into various types of cylinder cases, also when space is at a premium. It is mounted directly on the cylinder, which makes it a lot easier to install in various motor caravans, caravans (self-configured) camper vans and motor homes. 

Volker Lang, Head of Marketing at GOK, explains: “With the SafeDrive, we have rethought the topic of gas use in leisure vehicles from the bottom up. Without compromising on function and safety, the SafeDrive makes the entire handling of gas both less complicated and less time-consuming. Thanks to its compact design, it also saves space and is easy to install – regardless of whether the vehicle is a motor caravan, a caravan or a motor home.” 

Solutions for single- and two-cylinder systems
Depending on the requirements, Caramatic SafeDrive is available for single-cylinder systems and Caramatic SafeDrive PLUS for two-cylinder systems. If only one cylinder is used, it is necessary to screw the Caramatic SafeDrive directly onto the gas cylinder valve and to connect the gas hose to the piping system in the vehicle. With the Caramatic SafeDrive PLUS two-cylinder system, a central and changeover regulator is screwed onto the reserve and operating cylinders. These two regulators are connected to each other via a hose line; there is another hose connection between the central regulator and the piping system in the leisure vehicle. This means it is possible to switch automatically between two gas cylinders and to change the empty cylinder without having to interrupt the ongoing operations. 

The system is completed with a remote display for two-cylinder systems, Caramatic SafeControl. This enables campers to keep an eye on which gas cylinder is being used at all times, and means they can conveniently determine when the gas cylinder needs to be replaced at the latest, from inside their vehicle. 

Caramatic SafeDrive and Caramatic SafeDrive PLUS systems will be available at retailers from April 2024 onwards. The systems will also be on show to visitors to the CMT tourism and leisure trade fair from 13th to 21st January 2024 in Stuttgart, where GOK will be presenting them to experts and interested end users for the first time.


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