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Solutions for LPG in leisure vehicles

Camping without LPG system in the motor caravan or caravan is hard to imagine. GOK offer all relevant components for the LPG system between the gas cylinder and the consumer equipment - and you will find all these products in this special brochure.

Caramatic line is the centrepiece of the range, among other products with gas pressure regulating systems for heating while driving, automatic changeover valves, pressure regulators and hose assemblies or the correct gas filter.

Moreover, you will find many important details about the applicable regulations throughout Europe, replacement deadlines, leak testing or the functioning of the components.

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Barbecue safely with LPG - interactive

Having a barbecue is still a trend. Especially the gas barbecue becomes increasingly popular. In addition to the barbecue Itself, you should keep an eye on the so-called peripheral equipment, for example pressure regulator, excess flow device and hose assembly.

In the GOK "primer" you will learn all about obligations when to replace products and carry out inspections. You will also find helpful tips for the purchase of new fittings as well as answers to many questions related to barbecuing with LPG.

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Small cylinder plants in Germany - low pressure

In Germany, the use of small cylinder plants and the installation of the correct pressure regulator strongly depend on the field of application.

The poster gives an overview on the main fields of application for small cylinder plants and makes the selection of the type of regulator easier. In addition, it shows the rules which have to be respected and the particular intervals for replacement.

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Solutions for LPG on boats - MarineLine

LPG equipment on boats are liable to special requirements. So far, so good. But which kinds of products fulfill this specification and can the user be sure to have chosen the correct article?

Very simple: with the new prospect "Marine Line". Herein you will find all of the relevant components for LPG equipment for your boat and some more helpful information in compact form.

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Safe operation of small LPG cylinder systems in commercial applications

Our new brochure "Safe operation of small LPG cylinder systems in commercial applications" provides you with important information regarding the various regulations that apply to the safe operation of small LPG cylinders in Germany.

The brochure also suggests various products for different areas of application that not only "fulfil the regulations" but that can also create the highest level of safety for you and your employees.