Product information sheet

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Flüssiggas im Gewerbe - die neuen Niederdruckregler mit UPSO

Was beim Einsatz von Propangas und Butangas bzw. deren Gemischen für Gewerbetreibende zu beachten ist, gibt die DGUV-Regel 110-010 vor. So zum Beispiel:

Die Rohrleitung einer Niederdruckanlage muss über eine Sicherheitseinrichtung verfügen, die den Gasdurchfluss sperrt, wenn zum Beispiel in Folge einer mechanischen Beschädigung der Leitung, Gas austritt.

Die DGUV 110-010 empfiehlt aber nun klar das UPSO, um die Anlage gegen einen Unterdruck infolge einer Leckage zu sichern.

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Transport safety device

First you drag the gas cylinders, which are sometimes very heavy, from the dealer to the car. Once there, there is no suitable place to stow them safely while driving. They bounce back and forth in the boot, and jammed behind the seat, they soil or damage it.

The transport safety device BASE or TROLLEY provides a solution for all situations described. We have summarised the most important facts in the product information.

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Senso4s PLUS level gauge for gas cylinders

Filling level measurement, low level warning, history statistics and consumption forecast -
Senso4s offers this and more. The system consists of a flexibly adjustable filling level gauge and an associated app.

Where can you use Senso4s PLUS? Basically everywhere where a propane gas cylinder is used for the supply of energy - for example for gas barbecues, gas heaters as well as in motor caravans and caravans.

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Automatic changeover valve type AUV-ND 12

The newly developed automatic changeover valve type AUV-ND 12 is the centrepiece of any multiple cylinder system in the supply of LPG.

Why? In spite of the enormously compact structure,

  • the changeover between the operating and reserve side,
  • a low pressure regulator,
  • several safety devices and
  • various connection options

are incorporated into a single unit.

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Double stage tank regulator type BHK/K

The product information sheet introduces our new compact double stage tank regulator type BHK/K and describes its design and functioning.

In addition to the well-known safety devices like safety overpressure shut-off valve OPSO and the safety pressure relief valve PRV, this double stage tank regulator has an integrated underpressure shut-off valve UPSO.

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Remote indication for OPSO

LPG installation broken down. Nobody available on site. The overpressure safety shut-off device OPSO is often the reason for an interrupted gas supply. The remote indication for the OPSO allows the installer or operator to check immediately if the safety device has responded - before arriving at the installation.