Andreas Brohm and Manuel Stöcker became members of the executive board in January 2024.
26 employees were honoured for decades of commitment to GOK.
Caramatic SafeDrive enables the gas supply to motor caravans, caravans and motor homes while driving.
The nursery centres in Segnitz and Obernbreit will each receive 5,000 euros. The money was handed over at a ceremony.
In mid-July, GOK took part in the "Day of Crafts" at the Leo-Weismantel-Realschule.
GOK sponsors ten local Grillninjas events for children and young people in 2023.
Aufgrund dieser besonderen Leistung ehrte die Franz-Oberthür-Schule in Würzburg die – nun ehemalige – GOK-Auszubildende Melina Kistner.
GOK was asked to provide the products for the retrofit to a two-cylinder system and to carry out the installation.
For the twentieth time in a row, GOK donates to regionally based social institutions.
The German Camping Club DCC has honoured GOK with the Engineering Award for the new development of the crash sensor.
GOK supports the process optimisation in e-business with properly maintained product master data and intelligent software.
As from 2022, AdBlue® tank systems must be equipped with a product shortage protection, also known as dry-run protection.
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