The picture price lists 2022 remain valid, but will be updated in terms of prices with the price lists 2023.
The German Camping Club DCC has honoured GOK with the Engineering Award for the new development of the crash sensor.
GOK supports the process optimisation in e-business with properly maintained product master data and intelligent software.
GOK has certified the relevant products and now provides them with the UKCA marking.
As from 2022, AdBlue® tank systems must be equipped with a product shortage protection, also known as dry-run protection.
Compared to the previous model, the new filter cup is almost two centimetres shorter.
The new function provides advantages for the operator of a tank system as well as for the tank truck driver.
Tank monitoring becomes even easier and safer thanks to the new overfill prevention device BC-2.
Die GOK-Geschäftsführung hat die Preise aus dem Gewinnspiel anlässlich der Online-Weihnachtsfeier 2021 übergeben.
GOK cooperated in making a donation of 4,000 euros for the charity campaign "Sternstunden" of the Bavarian Broadcasting Company.
GOK donates 10,000 euros to the Protestant church community of Marktbreit. The money will be used to renovate the church building.
„Die Frau am Grill“ hat mit der Friedrich Scharr KG ein Video zur Nutzung von Gasflaschen gedreht. GOK ist ein Teil davon.
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