GOK in the April issue of promobil

With almost 260,000 readers per issue, promobil is Europe's leading motorhome magazine and has an exceptional standing among campers. 

That's one of the reasons why GOK was so pleased when we received a request from the editorial team for an installation story. The single-cylinder system of a vehicle was to be upgraded to a two-cylinder system with automatic changeover including a crash sensor. 

So we picked out the right product - a complete Caramatic DriveTwo set - and drove to the editorial office in Stuttgart. The result is a step-by-step guide retrofitting a two-cylinder system that can also be operated while driving, with many helpful tips and tricks. 

The topic is interesting for the editorial team because, on the one hand, more and more campers appreciate the comfort and safety of the two-cylinder system with automatic changeover and crash sensor; on the other hand, the first such installed systems are gradually becoming due for replacement. This is because after ten years at the latest, the operator of the vehicle must ensure that the pressure regulation device and hose lines are replaced with new ones.

Picture: © Andreas Becker

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