GOK develop, manufacture and distribute Caramatic line under their own brand name.
Security patch/update for closing a security hole in the electronic remote level gauges SmartBox 4 LAN and SmartBox 4 LAN PRO
Those likely to be seeking a new pressure regulator for their gas-powered barbecue in the near future are advised to look out for a product with a chic black finish.
Christmas, company and employee anniversaries and record turnover
How much is left in the gas cylinder, and above all else: how much longer will the gas last?
GOK celebrated their 50th anniversary at a festive event and handed over donations for regional purposes.
For several years, the company GOK has adhered to the philosophy of actively supporting its employees by providing them with further training.
Who has not experienced or heard it before: You turn on the valve of the gas cylinder and it hisses.
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