Improvement for the gas filter Caramatic ConnectClean

Everyone knows about the space problems in the gas cylinder cases of motor caravans and caravans. And wherever there's a lack of space, every centimetre is worth gold. In this respect, GOK has some great news for many campers:

Thanks to this new development, we have been able to reduce the length of the filter cup for the Caramatic ConnectClean gas filter by almost two centimetres (18.5 mm).

These centimetres are precious when it's starting to get a bit cramped in the gas cylinder case, but you don't want to lose out on the comfort and safety of the gas filter.

Otherwise, the basic design hasn't changed. As before, the filter cup has attachment points at the base so that you can release or fasten it quickly and safely with the screw aid.

Caramatic ConnectClean units delivered now and in the future already have the shorter filter cup. This also applies to the sets with Caramatic DriveOne or DriveTwo, for example.