Important in winter: LPG at (Christmas) markets

It's definitely not certain, but it at least seems like Christmas markets may take place again this year. However, one thing is certain: LPG is a definite must at markets of all kinds. 

  • Want to prepare some tasty, juicy sausages? Gas-powered barbecue or gas roaster!
  • Cosy warmth on cold winter days? Gas heater!
  • Heating up mulled wine or keeping it warm? Gas stove! 

Far away from the classic markets, the focus of the catering facilities is to keep their outdoor areas open for as long as possible. One of the best options: mushroom heaters and radiant heaters fuelled with LPG.

All applications are described below. One click and you will get to the detailed product information. 

The GOK promise to run comfortable markets: high quality as well as safe products made by the LPG specialist from Germany!

Gas cylinder placed outside

Gas cylinder placed inside

Gas heating devices with tilt protection

Multiple cylinder system for high rates of consumption

Gas cylinders with 33 kg filling weight