SmartBox MINI – new with free capacity display

The device now no longer merely displays the current filling level; it also shows how much free capacity there remains in the tank. It's very quick and easy for the operator to see how much they can/need to order.

This function also significantly eases the burden on the tank truck driver. They must not rely on the limit indicator as a switch-off device during the filling process; they need to calculate in advance how much fluid really fits in the tank! The SmartBox MINI takes on the – sometimes very complicated – calculation with the new free capacity display. As well as the convenience of the precise display, the device also provides a greater level of safety, as errors when determining the free capacity are almost completely eliminated.

What is the SmartBox MINI?

The SmartBox MINI is an electronic level gauge to enable the convenient monitoring of unpressurised tanks. The device is well suited to monitoring the following media: waste oil, diesel, FAME, urea solution (AdBlue), fuel oil, fuel oil bio, vegetable oil, rainwater and other water-endangering, non-flammable liquids.