New obligation for AdBlue® tank systems

2022 had a turbulent start for operators of the AdBlue® tank system in Germany. The weights and measures authorities in the federal states informed us that AdBlue® systems would no longer be calibrated if they did not have a product shortage (dry-run) protection or if this feature could not be tested. The authorities are referring to a legislative text which has existed since 2014, but which is only being interpreted to this effect now.
If you operate a system without a product shortage (dry-run) protection which can be tested, but will soon require calibration, you will be looking around for retrofitting options. With the electronic level gauge SmartBox 2, GOK already has a solution for this.

Product shortage (dry-run) protection with SmartBox 2

 SmartBox 2 has two potential-free relay contacts where you can select the switch points. To be more specific: if the filling level of the tank drops below 15 percent of the total volume, for instance, a relay switches. If the withdrawal pump is actuated via a contact of this relay, the pump switches off automatically and cannot be switched back on either. This can only be switched back on during filling once the filling level exceeds 20 percent again, for example.

It’s simple to test this product shortage (dry-run) protection: pull the level probe connected with SmartBox 2 out of the medium to simulate an empty tank.