GOK shares in donation for children

It all started with a campaign by the cabaret artists Volker Heißmann and Oliver Tissot. To mark the first freight transport on rails 185 years ago, the two jokers coached two barrels of beer from Fürth to Nuremberg. 

After the trip, both Volker Heißmann and Oliver Tissot auctioned off one performance each to the highest bidder. 100 per cent of the proceeds were donated to the non-profit organisation "Sternstunden" - a charity campaign of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation.

During this campaign, the private brewery Tucher also made a donation. And last but not least, GOK joined in. Oliver Tissot spoke about the donation cooperation during the preparations for the online Christmas celebration, and within a few minutes the GOK General Management agreed to increase the donation amount by another 1,000 euros. 

The picture shows Oliver Tissot and Andreas Brohm (GOK, on the right) handing over the donation to “Sternstunden”.   

GOK is extremely glad to have been part of this great campaign and certainly even more to be able to support an organisation that is fully committed to the welfare of children. A family-owned company like GOK is, of course, particularly caring about such issues. 

Here you will find the official news of the “’Sternstunden” team: https://www.sternstunden.de/alle-meldungen/2021/dezember/ins-bier-ration-fuer-sternstunden.html

Starting at 07:52 you will find a small feature about handing over the donation: