GOK provides digital product master data

In times of e-commerce, closely timed supply chains and logistics focused on efficiency, data, especially product master data, tip the scales. The better the data quality along the various distribution stages, the more efficient the process. 

To make sure that GOK can guarantee trading partners constantly high quality data, we have relaized our own project on the subject of product master data with the aim of making up-to-date and well-maintained data available to partners in a fast, easy and software-based manner. 

Specifications of Data Quality Guideline (DQR) fulfilled
Recently, we have implemented this process in our daily business. The "baptism of fire" for this process and the accurate data was the compliance with the Data Quality Guideline 8.0 (DQR 8.0) of the sanitary and HVAC industry. 

We have forwarded the relevant data to the online platform Open Datacheck that in return checks the quality with regard to conformity to the specifications - with the result that the product master data meets the specifications and is, therefore, ideally suitable for the sanitary and HVAC industry in terms of quality. 

Additionally, at their request we can of course also provide partners from other sectors with appropriate product master data. With the software-based process, the relevant data is quickly and easily transferred from GOK to our partner. 

Do you have one or more questions about this topic? Then please contact us by mail: vertriebsleitung@gok.de.