GOK introduces new and improved Crash Sensor

Since the partnership with Truma came to an end, GOK has made huge efforts to provide a complete range of products for the operation of LPG systems in motor caravans and caravans. It was particularly important for us to push forward our own developments in order to be independent.

That is why we started the further development of the so-called crash sensor in 2019. This crash sensor is an integral part of the gas pressure regulation devices Caramatic DriveTwo and Caramatic DriveOne. Compared to the previous model, the further developed crash sensor has a completely new operating principle with improved safety features. Among other parts a pendulum ensures that the gas supply is closed, for example, in the event of an accident with the leisure vehicle. Tests have shown that the new and further developed version of the crash sensor provides the following advantages:

  • faster and easier start-up and reset after response
  • more precise performance and therefore less interference from incorrect response behaviour
  • start-up possible with no problem, even if the leisure vehicle is in an inclined position

Patent pending

We have already been supplying Caramatic DriveTwo and Caramatic DriveOne with the improved crash sensor since April 2021. Legal aspects have made it necessary for us to publicise the innovation only now. We are very much convinced of our own solution and have applied for a patent for the improved crash sensor with enhanced safety features.

Of course, you will find the new crash sensor with pendulum as a key item on our exhibition stand at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf. We are looking forward to presenting the innovation to you at this event.