New: Improved overfill prevention device BC-2

The overfill prevention device BC-2 is a safety device for monitoring tanks with liquid operating media. The device is an alarm system for the filling process, and a limiter for oil operation tanks. If the sensor comes into contact with the fluid, the overfill prevention device emits an acoustic and visual alarm.

The combination of display unit and probe is well suited to monitoring the following media: waste oil, diesel, FAME, liquid fertiliser, urea solution (AdBlue), fuel oil, fuel oil bio, industrial oil, liquid manure/slurry/silage leachate, oil/water mixture and vegetable oil.

What's new?

1. Faster alarm analysis: The device can now distinguish between three alarm types (sensor in contact with medium / short circuit in the line between the display unit and sensor / line between the display unit and sensor interrupted or not connected properly). The operator looks at the LED behaviour and can tell straight away which event is applicable and can act without wasting time looking for the fault.

2. An affordable variant for everything: Previously, there were different variants for different purposes. The new overfill prevention device BC-2 combines all variants into one version. Operators now no longer have to think about which variant they require, and now pay considerably less when they wish to apply the device outdoors!

3. Better housing: As well as a contemporary look, the new housing is easier to install and the tactile elements are adapted to suit practitioners.

4. Symbols instead of language: The overfill prevention device BC-2 is not restricted in terms of language. All details on the housing appear as symbols.