GOK donates to two nursery centres

This year, two nursery centres will benefit from the GOK Christmas donation. 5,000 euros each will go to the "Mainräuber" from the Protestant nursery centre in Segnitz and the "Apfelwiese" Protestant nursery centre in Obernbreit. The "Mainräuber" will use the money to redesign the garden. The Obernbreit kindergarten is currently being rebuilt from scratch, which is why the donation is more than welcome. A delegation from each of the two institutions attended the GOK headquarters in Marktbreit.

In a small ceremony, GOK Managing Directors Dieter Kleine and Gerald Unger handed over the donation cheques to the recipients. In his speech, Gerald Unger highlighted the importance of social commitment for GOK. For almost a quarter of a century, GOK has refrained from giving presents to its business partners every year and instead donates to charitable or social organisations in its domestic region.

Waves of illness, staff shortages, rising childcare ratios - the bad news for nurseries, their providers and finally for parents and children is never-ending.

Considering the flood of challenges these days, GOK is all the more pleased that those responsible chose two kindergartens from the home region early on in the year where it is clear that money will be put to good use and in good hands.