New product announcement: Caramatic SafeDrive

Caramatic SafeDrive (for single-cylinder systems) and Caramatic SafeDrive PLUS (for two-cylinder systems) are pressure regulation systems for the safe operation of LPG systems in motor caravans, caravans, motor homes and camper vans – and thanks to the crash sensor, also while driving. 

The system configuration is new and innovative: the crash sensor is now situated directly on the gas cylinder together with the pressure regulator. 

The modified design of the pressure regulation system and the position of the crash sensor result in a number of advantages for campers: 

  • Straightforward retrofitting and installation
  • Problem-free change of manufacturer to GOK
  • No gas filter or excess flow device required
  • Low space requirement for the installation in the gas cylinder case
  • Protection of the entire pipe system starting from the gas cylinder thanks to the crash sensor
  • SafeDrive Plus: automatic changeover – without interrupting the gas supply 

And as mentioned at the start:

  • The gas cylinder can remain open at all times
  • Gas equipment can also be operated while driving 

Detailed information is also available by clicking on the article group or in the blog posts: 

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  • Why don’t I need a gas filter or excess flow device with Caramatic SafeDrive? 

Caramatic SafeDrive and Caramatic SafeDrive PLUS will be available from April 2024 onwards.