Grillninjas and GOK: Launch of events

Summer, sun, barbecue - these three words are linked with each other. At home, it's usually men who take the barbecue tongs for steaks and sausages, but at Grillninjas events, the children are those who prepare the food and who take the decisions on the gas barbecue. 

Grillninjas is an initiative operating throughout Germany of medicorps®, a non-profit public company. It aims to bring children and young people closer to healthy eating and to provide them with useful information about barbecuing. 

How does it all work?
Supporters like GOK, for example, donate a certain amount of money to the Grillninjas and in return may give events to schools or clubs. 

On the day itself a so-called grill master brings all equipment and food to the event, and the children prepare several meals together on the barbecue. For GOK it is particularly important that the children get advice from the grill master on the safe handling of the gas barbecue. This includes working with safety-relevant components like the GOK pressure regulator or the gas hose that play a key role when a gas barbecue is used. 

Besides the fact that the barbecue is obviously much fun for the children and young people, they learn a lot during the day: preparation of healthy food, sustainability, teamwork - just to mention a few keywords. 

Since the beginning
GOK is a supporter from the very beginning, and the feedback from schools and also from children and young people has been amazing. That is why we have donated again in 2023. This year the following local schools are given two events each: 

  • Christian-von-Bomhard-Realschule, Uffenheim
  • Grundschule Maindreieck, Marktbreit
  • Gymnasium Marktbreit
  • Dr.-Karlheinz-Spielmann-Mittelschule, Iphofen
  • Mittelschule Ochsenfurt 

GOK is very happy that the events are so popular with the children and provide a lot of fun for everyone involved. More information about the Grillninjas is found here: