promobil visits GOK

We spoke to promobil editor Christian Becker for the first time at CMT 2024 about the possibility of doing an installation story on the GOK Variant outlet box. 

It didn't take long for the idea to catch on and the date of mid-April 2024 was set. 

Once they arrived in Marktbreit, editor Christian Becker and photographer Ingolf Pompe handed the motorhome over to the installation team, consisting of Dieter Scharrer and Florian Ott. 

Sawing a cut-out in the wall, fixing and gluing in the Variant outlet box and connecting it to the pipework - promobil took detailed photos of all the steps for the article that will appear in issue 8/2024 - i.e. mid-July 2024. 

Many thanks for the visit and for allowing us to carry out the installation.