GOK honors employees for commitment and loyalty

Many years of service result in a low fluctuation rate, which remains low if the employees are motivated and satisfied. The GOK management honoured a total of 26 employees for their commitment and loyalty. 

The 26 GOK employees, who were honoured during the ceremony, have been with the company for incredible 520 years. Starting with 10 years of service up to 40 years, the managing directors Dieter Kleine and Gerald Unger honoured the commitment and loyalty of the employees. 

"In these fast-moving times, it is not self-evident that employees are only employed by one employer for such a long period of time - especially since skilled workers are becoming more and more sought after on the labour market," Dieter Kleine and Gerald Unger said happily. They added: "This long-standing commitment and loyalty speaks for our employees on the one hand, but on the other hand, of course, also for us as an employer and the framework conditions we create!" 

10 years of service: Tobias Hauck, Elke Hoffmann-Iyier, Michael Weppert, Petra Hering

15 years of service: Gerdi Lehmann, Ute Bayer, Barbara Sterner, Stefan Vogt, Franziska Hack

20 years of service: Detlef Bodendörfer, Martin Schuster, Tobias Schober, Christian Reuß, Suzan Köse, Elke Cronau, Gert Wiesner, Michael Hein, Christian Herbst, Thomas Rauh, Katharina Trabert

25 years of service: Monika Breunig, Sybille May, Corinna Zänglein

35 years of service: Gudrun Ruhl, Karl-Heinz Lutz

40 years of service: Ludwig Eckstein