Heating the leisure vehicle during the journey thanks to GOK

As of August 2019 GOK supply the new gas regulation devices Caramatic DriveOne (for one-cylinder systems) and Caramatic DriveTwo (for two-cylinder systems). Both are equipped with a so-called crash sensor which is one of the two conditions to heat the leisure vehicle also during the journey. This safety device prevents unburned gas from escaping in an uncontrolled manner in the event of an accident with the vehicle.

The second condition for the operation of the gas system during the journey is the excess flow valve between gas cylinder and high pressure hose assembly. GOK combine excess flow valve and high pressure hose assembly to one product with the name Caramatic ConnectDrive. In order to protect the complete installation from contamination during operation, we recommend the additional use of the gas filter Caramatic ConnectClean.

Cooperation with Truma terminated
All these components for the safe gas supply were produced previously by GOK for the company Truma in Putzbrunn. After the end of the partnership between the two companies, GOK develop and manufacture the Caramatic line themselves and exclusively in Germany - thus: 100 per cent “Made in Germany”. Europe-wide distribution is also made through the GOK headquarters in Marktbreit, Germany.

In addition to solutions for heating during the journey, GOK manufacture also components for the stationary operation of gas heating, refrigerator and the like, for example, the changeover valves Caramatic SwitchTwo and Caramatic ProTwo as well as the Pre-pressure regulator type DE 50/30 to reduce the operating pressure from 50 to 30 mbar.

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