GOK introduce three new products on the market

Three in one go: GOK introduce three newly developed products on the market: the Caramatic TwoControl, the Pressure Regulator Test Device and the Senso4s PLUS. The Caramatic TwoControl and the Pressure Regulator Test Device have a clear target market in the camping and caravanning sector. The Senso4s PLUS is interesting for many additional applications.

Caramatic TwoControl – Remote display and regulator heating
Conveniently monitor and control the two-cylinder system in the gas locker from inside the motorhome or caravan? The Caramatic TwoControl from GOK makes it possible.

Campers can use the remote display to monitor and control the operating status of the two-cylinder system as well as the regulator heating. Result: a high degree of comfort and reliable supply.

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Pressure regulator test device – Regulator Check LPG BASIC
Qualified personnel, e.g. according to German G 607, pay attention:
You can quickly and easily test pressure regulators for leaks and function with the pressure regulator test device. Just a few steps and the camper knows about the safety and proper functioning of his pressure regulator.

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Senso4s PLUS level gauge for gas cylinders
Filling level measurement, low level warning, history statistics and consumption forecast - Senso4s PLUS offers this and more. The system consists of a flexibly adjustable filling level gauge and an associated app.

Where can you use Senso4s PLUS? Basically everywhere where a propane gas cylinder is used for the supply of energy - for example for gas barbecues, gas heaters as well as in caravans and motor caravans.

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Alternative product presentation
We intended to present all three products to the public for the first time at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. Due to our decision to cancel this event, which was very difficult for us, we now have to go other ways.

Our customers, for whom these new developments are of interest, will receive personal mail from us in which we present the products.

We provide digital information in an e-mail newsletter, which will be sent to relevant customers in advance of the first delivery of the new products. This is also our way of keeping our promise to use digital communication channels when we are not able to advise our customers and end users personally at trade fairs such as the Caravan Salon.